Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preview for the coming weeks

 Here a couple of snippits of my 15mm Civil war armies,
Confederates are 5th Alabama

 84th NY (14th Brooklyn)

4th us Artillary
Tons more pics coming of The Iron Brigade, and the rest of Harry Heths Division
Union figures are all 15mm Battle honors and ab minitures
Flags by the Flag Dude 

Just off the Work bench

 just finished these two regiments this past week

 Hessian Erbpritz Friedrich battalion
2nd Battalion d'Amont
probably finish up the bases tonight
all figures 15mm old glory

Someone to fight my Hanoverians

 Here are some of my 15mm SYW French infantry, i havent purchased the flags yet but couldnt wait to show them off
 1st battalion d'Amount

 1st and 2nd battalion Touraine line infantry
 French German division Bergh line infantry, only 1 battalion
all figures are 15mm and are from old glory


Here are some of the first battalions and squadrons i have finished for my Seven Years War Minden Armies

The regiments above are both Hanoverian line cavalry Bremer (Green) and Velthiem (Blue)

 Reden Line Infantry Advancing



 All the figures are Old Glory 15mm and the Flags are all compliments of the Flag Dude

Monday, September 5, 2011

My first Blog

    From doing research on my miniatures online over the past year or so i have found some really amazing blogs have been my biggest help and inspiration for alot of things i do with my wargaming materials. I have been a fan of toy soldiers and wargaming for about 20 years now, ill never forget walking out to the garage at 4 or 5 years old  to see large tables full of revell and airfix napoleonics that my dad had been painting since he was 12 or 13. I think i officially became a lover of the little wars on the kitchen table when my dad bought me a crusaders castle from Britain's when i was about 4 and ever since history and the wars that have been fought threw out have been the one topic that gets my imagination rolling. i mostly game in the era of the civil war, the war between the states is just so chock full of romantic notions and heroism it is by far my favorite. About a year and a half ago i discovered the Seven years war and as a painter at heart the possibilities jumped around in my mind like a pin ball. i became so interested the next week i ordered a small army of Hanoverian and French from old glory and began assembling my battalions one at a time, The choice was very hard to make on what scale i wanted to do it in but i eventually went with 15mm, i really liked the thought of large army size games and the price point wasn't bad either. So this is my blog and the story of my little lead legends that unfold on a daily basis, i as a bit of a painter and do some commission work on the side for the local hobby store and such and i hope to be able to show some painting guides and just try to help others out there in the community as they helped me when i first got going.I hope to hear some ideas and thoughts about my stuff and the hobby from others with the same interest as i have.

Cheers and thanks
Patrick Ahern
(first pics coming soon)