Wednesday, August 7, 2013

French lancers

So I had posted these last year on my workbench and never posted them finished. This regiment was painted after I read an article in wargames illustrated about pink uniforms, overall I think that they painted up quite nicely, the sculpts are OK but they painted up very easy and quick. The figures are from HAT I had to do a little conversion work to make command figures but well worth it. Didn't get anything painted this weekend but wanted to post something.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

1st brigade 2nd division 1st corp

These figures I have had for a long time, these are all from freikorp 15s, I'm really not a fan of these figures, I thought that they are a little to small and the facial detail wasn't good at all. I also had my worries about them being to small with the old glory figures that I already have, but it all looks OK as long as they are all in different units. This is the 80th NY, 121stPA, 142ndPA, and 151st PA. I have the third brigade of the division on my desk currently and they will make up the second Vermont division. i have my vacation coming up this next week so i should be able to knock them and all the command stands out. The flags I made all from home, printed out from a great website I found from Denmark.
All in all I think that once painted and based these figures came out great, I wouldn't use them for popular regiments like bucktails or zuaves but for rank and file troops there not half bad.i didn't spend a whole lot of time on these figures because of the lack of detail in the figures they got the most basic of paint jobs. oh and as i am about to start my Vermont troops can anyone tell me what Vermont Regiments carried a white regimental flag an what ones carried the blue, i cant find anything online at all about the three regiments that i am painting, they are the 13th,14th and 16th Vermont.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anyone out there????

Wow i cant believe that it is been well over a year since my last post, man how time can fly by when work calls.
i have been painting quite a bit over the past year and have finished up some cool stuff from a new brigade of 15mm acw to two whole Lord of the Rings armies.
I painted up this nice John Reynolds stand for my 1st corp.
My wonderful better half also found me some great display cabinets for my man cave, they are wonderful

Thursday, August 1, 2013


This is my first attempt at making some home made terrain, I went down to my local DIY store picked up some blue foam and mdf board and got to building. I cut the individual bricks so that I could get a real ruin look, so I could build them unevenly. I think they came out pretty neat.