Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Well it has been an eventful couple of months, I dont even Know were to start...well i guess with the biggest of news i am going to be a father, though my lovely other half has a son and i think of him as my own i am going to be a father for the first time. we went today to the Doctors everything is healthy and wonderful and sometime at the start of next Summer i will have a brand new Baby boy.
 This past month also marked another great moment, as the pictures above show myself and my little guy Skylar had our first Wargame. For the first time i looked across the battle field at an adversary that i hope to have for years to come. After months of him looking at my Lord of the Rings source books and day dreaming away i thought that it was time that Sky start to learn some of the basics. I think that it went well we played with two small forces of about 20 figures plus a hero per side, him as the Uruk kai and me as the Dwarves. He didnt really use his tape measure but he sure did love throwing hand fulls of dice (don't we all!!!). The game ended in a uneasy tie (mom said it was time for bed) but it started what i hope to be a love for the hobby. I can remember being the same age looking across a table at my fathers armies, falling in love with the hobby forever.

 I also began a new project, After months of looking at the Warlord Games website I finally dove in and bought two Bolt Action Armies.

I decided First to start with the American airborne, its strange i was shopping for my armies and realized that i had never played of painted an army from my native country so i figured i would give it a go.

Let me Tell you these figures i felt to be beautiful, they paint up wonderfully and i decided to take my time to really make them look good. The second army that i picked up was SS Panzer Grenadiers while ive gotten those primed i haven't gotten anything painted but a test figure, i dont like the SS Figures as much though but ill go into that when i get them all done.

 I have been trying some new stuff with taking pictures but for the most part have gotten mixed results. i really need to buy the lights and set up and actual photo booth in my office, i spent so many hours on these figures and by the time they reach my Blog the photos dont do much justice to them at all. Any tips would be much Appreciated.

So i started out with Warlords Sherman m-3 model, It was an easy model to assemble and painted up very nicely. i added some sand bags out of Green Stuff. I had a bunch of weathering powders lying around that i really had not been able to use before so it was nice to finally break those out on the tracks and under carriage to give a nice war torn look.

 I base painted the entire model in Army Painter Army Green and them gave it a nice wash with some watered down Burnt Umber oil paint, it took about a day to dry but man it took little to ne effort to achieve a really nice result, weathering powders and decals were about it form there

 So far i have painted all of my command Two Squads of Rifleman, i have all of the Support Weapons (2 light Machine Guns 2 mortars 2 observers) waiting to be based, one gripe i did have was on one of my support teams the light machine gun was just gone off the figure, it looked like it had broken of prior to packaging because it was nowhere in the box or blisters, this led me to make a 30 cal out of green stuff so that i didnt wast the figure, hopefully in my next post i will have pictures of the whole army and not just one squad.

All in all i am Glad that I was able to get a little bit of painting in this month, with School winding down this week i hope to get my Germans finished up over Winter Break. If i dont get another post in before hand i hope all have a Merry Christmas and a safe end to the year.