Friday, April 13, 2012

28 North Gloucestershire infantry

 These were some really great 1/72 figures to paint up, i finished the regiment last week and it was a pleasure

 For the most part the soft plastic figures can be somewhat of a headache to paint at times but the italiari figures seem to be a little more rigid and holt the paint very well
 as soon as i get the lancers form my last post finished up i should be starting on a string of 5 regiments or so to buff up the british lines (no pun intended)
 War flag helped with the flags and i think they came out quite satisfactory

French 3rd line lancers

 So this is what i have currently been working on at the moment it is the 3rd french line lancers

 i really hate when you get the first half of a unit done and then you really dont want to paint the rest

These cavalry are HAT 1/72 french lancers and they aren't half bad had a little flash to take care of but over all i think that they came out rather well, i was reading one of the recent wargames illustrated and there was a passage about the WSS were they show how to paint an Austrian infantryman, in this article the painter talks about the rare instance to dip into a pot of pink paint. i thought to my self "i dont think i have ever painted anything in pink", well i figured while i am interested in this time period (really wanting to shift back over and finish some civil war stuff) i should try it out, did some research and found that these would be the perfect. plus it finally allows me to have some french light horse because at the moment all i have are heavies.

 hope you enjoy the photos of these great little figs when they are all done i will be sure to post some better shots