Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 French line infantry From airfix, thes figures had been sitting in a pag waiting to be painted for near 30 years

I had mentioned in the last post that i had gotten a chance to paint some new stuff up and i started with French line infantry, for some reason these airfix figures stand out to me above all others when thinking about french line, a telaport to my childhood.

 The next french unit i painted was the horse grenadiers, i only painted half the regiment so far but they were really great to paint

 some custom work cutting off some swords a modeling the braiding and horn

i will say that i had really never been a fan of the 1/72 scale plastics but these really painted up quite well and really makes me think about getting alot more because the prices are so reasonable at 7.50 for a box of 12 cavalry.
tomorrow i will post some photos of the British i have started an am working on my desk along with some really cool flags that i made, i usually get all my flags through the flag guy but with the economy being what it is i have a hard time spending so much on flags when i cant afford the figures, not to take away from rick over at flag dude you pay what you get in return the best flags out there!

sneek peek!!

 Flags i made on the left, new British Below

Catching the blog up on my last few months

I have been away for way to long, it has been near three months 5 months now since the last time i have posted anything on my blog.With so much going on in normal life you forget about thing that you love to do at times.i have stayed busy pumping out a few hundred minis in the past six months or so. In the last few months my dad got sick (he is doing fine now) and he is the one that introduced me to this hobby as early in my life as i could look over the table to see him painting. my dads main period that he liked to paint and model was all Napoleonic and all based around the 100 days campaign, with him getting sick i went and pulled out all his stuff and mind you my dad never bases any of his figures and stored them all in sandwich bags so over time these 20mm sort plastic figures lost quite a bit of paint, so i began to go through and repair the chipped broken paint and managed to paint a few units of my own along the way. the picture above is of the box that my dad stored all this stuff in for the past 25 years.

 The hard part was getting them all out and sorted so that i could start basing them
 British line artillery from revel probably the last thing my dad ever took the time to sit and paint

 These are Three battalions of Prussian line that my dad let me paint when i was about 14 or so
i bases them up and added some flags from warflag and now they aren't too bad ( even though i am ashamed to admit that i painted them)