Sunday, September 8, 2013

The last month or so

Man what a busy month so far, with school starting and work my painting chair has been empty lately.  I have managed to finish a few projects. I started with finishing up the generals for my new 15mm Union division and I am very happy with then. I really didn't have the time to start anything new so I picked some of the figures that my dad painted back in the 70s and did some restore work on them. This us the 79th highlanders, u had to do considerable work on these, I started by washing the whole figures original paint job and then going pack through and repainting all of the chipped areas, this took much less time than I was planning and was surprised with the out come, I made some flags for the unit and based them up. W8th how little time this took and with the outcome of the figures I decided to do the same with two British cavalry regiments, I painted the 1st life guards and house hold guards when I was about the 17 and the have sat in a bag ever since, following the same procedure I used with highlanders I got these done in about a week. I couldn't find any guidons for these guys but its really no big deal. I really forgot how much I liked these old Revell figures,  there are not a lot of awesome sets of figures in this scale but I feel that this is one of them. Around the time that I originally painted these I also painted some Prussian dragoons from Hat, I think bringing these figures back to life will be my next project.